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Aerial Adventures

Roam the skies! From smooth, scenic tramway tours to looping aerobatic WWII biplane rides, there are plenty of ways to take in the aerial views of the mountain wilderness.

Bridge Walk

Trek WV's most well-known icon: the world's second largest steel-arch bridge, stretching 3,030 feet long, 876 feet above the New River Gorge. Clip into the catwalk below, and take a leisurely walk along its underbelly for a unique bird's eye view of the mountains and river below. You can explore the bridge after dark on a special full moon tour. You may even spot a falcon along the way! They love to perch on the steel beams.

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  • Recommended Age: 10 and older
  • Activity Time: year-round
  • Special Notes: Bring a camera!

Biplane Tours

Hop aboard an authentic restored WWII biplane and head above the New River Gorge for soaring or stunting. Choose a steady, scenic ride over the mountains, or spin into wild flips and loop-de-loops with an aerobatic flight. It gives a whole new meaning to '360-degree panorama.' Barrel roll your way across the skies for a stunning view of the sparkling Summersville Lake, the headwaters of the Gauley River, the iconic New River Gorge Bridge or the Kanawha Falls!  

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  • Recommended Age:
  • Activity Time: 20 min to 1 hour tours
  • Special Notes: There's only room for 1 passenger at a time

Aerial Tram

The Bluestone National Scenic River is so remote and scenic, you can only reach it from its neighboring state parks. From Pipestem, you can ride down the aerial tram (open from Memorial Day until the end of October.) Enjoy the panoramic view as you descend the 1,000-foot gorge. At the bottom, you can stop into the Mountain Creek Lodge and restaurant, or venture on into the Bluestone. And yes, the tram can carry your bike and kayak back up the gorge, too!

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  • Recommended Age: Any
  • Activity Time: May-Oct
  • Special Notes: $2.50 fee to ride

Ziplines & Aerial Courses

Fly through the canopies! We've got the longest zipline on the east coast, side-by-side racing lines, highlines from the iconic bridge or into the water, night time flying and and even full aerial obstacle courses. Each zip trip is unique, and you can go any time of year. (Winter snow creates sparkling scenery!) Add in some skybridges, rappels and even a few obstacles, and you've got yourself a flying day of fun! Just choose your zipline journey: 

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  • Recommended Age: 10 and older
  • Activity Time: Year-round
  • Special Notes:

Climbing & Rappelling

Work your way up our world-renowned sandstone cliff faces, and lower yourself from the mountain peaks back into the valleys below! It's an up-and-down exhilaration. The New River Gorge National Park is a known climbing hotspot with more than 1,400 established routes. Summersville Lake's shore is also lined with climbable cliff faces.

Find a guide to show you the ropes (literally):

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  • Recommended Age: 8 and older
  • Activity Time: year-round
  • Special Notes: