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New River Gorge

National River

Set out into the adventure central of the East! Rolling rapids, miles of trail and jagged mountain cliffs call you out to play. From mild to wild, the Gorge is a haven for any outdoor pursuit. Every bend opens into wild, wonderful exploration and history. Find your wilderness journey here.

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The New River Gorge is known for its world-class whitewater, climbing cliffs, biking terrain, scenic vistas and even unique thrills like BASE jumping. If you crave the outdoors, this is your gateway.

Glen Jean, WV 25846
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Things to do in New River Gorge

    • Nuttallburg

      Tucked back into the forest, uncover the ruins a near-forgotten coal town, littered with old mining equipment.

      Locations New River Gorge
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    • Hiking

      The best part of a mountain stroll is the view from the top! Explore the open forest.

      Locations Bluestone / Gauley / New River Gorge
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    • National Coal Heritage Trail

      The 187-mile Coal Heritage Trail winds through the Southern WV coalfields.

      Locations Bluestone / Gauley / New River Gorge
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    • Duckying

      These inflatable kayaks are great for the kids in mild water, or help navigate jagged rocks in lower, wilder whitewater.

      Locations Gauley / New River Gorge
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