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Trails & Exploring

Mountain treks reward you at the peak with stunning vistas, but any wander is bound to lead you to natural wonder. Discover why these parks have earned a place among our National Gems.

Explore These Awesome Things!

The Turnpike Trail

Follow the Bluestone River 9.5 miles through the rugged gorge connecting the Pipestem and Bluestone state parks. The historic route is littered with remnants of early farming and timber settlements.

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  • Recommended Age: Any
  • Activity Time: Year-round
  • Special Notes: The tram from Pipestem is only open seasonally, but you can still reach the trail


The best part of a mountain stroll is the view from the top! Find yourself at the peak of a perfect view from overlooks like Grandview or Long Point, uncovering hidden waterfalls and wildlife along the way! Neighboring state parks have plenty more trails to take you deeper into the wild, wonderful woodlands.

It is advised to wear blaze orange or bright colors during the fall and winter hunting seasons. Also, Grandview and Burnwood are two "safe zones" for fall hiking, but visitors can check at visitor centers for more information and locations. Find trails and guides below: 

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  • Recommended Age: Any
  • Activity Time: Year-round
  • Special Notes:


Take the kids along easy, scenic loops, or challenge yourself with a rocky mountain ride! Miles of trail wind through the parks, so you can ride off into the wilderness any which direction.

Want the local scoop on the trails, or need to rent a bike? Find a biking outfitter below:

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  • Recommended Age: Any
  • Activity Time: Year-round
  • Special Notes: Be sure to wear a helmet on mountain rides

Horseback Riding

What's better than riding off into the sunset? Riding off into the mountain sunset. Trot over the rolling hills, as the valleys sweep open before you. Enjoy the outdoor beauty as your trusty companion shows you around the most stunning, scenic spots hidden in the National Parks. Even if you've never seen a horse in real life, professional guides can teach you the basics and take you along the trails for a jaw-dropping ride. Find yourself a steed:

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  • Recommended Age: 9 and older
  • Activity Time: Year-round
  • Special Notes: