Wild Blue Biplane

5 most unique adventures in the National Parks

Most visitors know about the rafting, climbing, and mountain biking here at the New. But these are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Want to experience the gorge in the most unique ways? Check out some of these adventures. 

1. Biplane

Located at the Fayetteville Airfield, Wild Blue Adventures will take you out over the gorge in one of 2 beautiful, vintage WWII-era biplanes. Try to keep it together as the pilot does some “loop-the-loops!”

2. What’s SUP?

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUPing) is quickly becoming one of the hottest new sports around; it’s relatively easy to learn, and as you progress, the possibilities for surfing in whitewater really open up.

3. Zipline/Canopy Tours

West Virginia has more than its share of thick, old-growth trees and forests. What better way to see them than from dozens of feet up, by walkways, platforms and ziplines?

4. Climb out of the water

Locals around the gorge know that there’s climbing, and then there’s lake climbing.  On hot summer days,  the New River Gorge’s talented rock guides will take you by pontoon onto the crystal clear water of Summersville Lake, anchor, and let you literally climb out and above the water.

5. Tandem BASE jumping

To learn skydiving, most people begin by taking “tandem” jumps, in which you are strapped to an instructor during your thousands-feet parachute plummet to the ground. On Bridge Day, you can actually do a tandem BASE jump right off of the bridge, strapped to an instructor, 876 feet down to the river. Don’t wait; there are only a handful spots per year!

What’s the most unique adventure you’ve been on in the New River Gorge?

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