NRG Bridge

Walking a WV icon: the New River Gorge Bridge

Nothing but 850 feet of air between a 24-inch catwalk and the raging river below. For some that may sound intimidating, but the crowds who flock to BridgeWalk are up for the challenge.

Bridge Walk offers tours on the New River Gorge Bridge catwalk. Each guest is equipped with a harness that is attached to a safety system. The tour is interpretative, allowing as much time and as much information as possible on bridge construction, local geology, coal mining history, and more.

One of the most unique aspects of this tour is the opportunity to view peregrine falcons in their natural habitat. Since they are drawn to large structures such as bridges, it is not uncommon to see a nest skillfully assembled on one of the beams.

Following the trip, you’ll find one of the area’s new favorite restaurants, Mackie’s Biergarten, located in the same building as BridgeWalk. Sliders, sides, and ice cold drinks will be waiting right after you step out of that harness.

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